The Portuguese Red Cross works daily on behalf of those who most need. Intervene with the most vulnerable, economically disadvantaged families, ethnic minorities, the homeless, the dependents, and all those who need help, by providing qualified support, with professionals and volunteers committed to human dignity.

This is a social business that produces and sells high quality handmade candies: jams, biscuits, and chocolates.

Its raw material is selected with all the rigor, being later confectioned in a certified kitchen, by highly professional and motivated employees who underwent a process of social and professional reinsertion.

The brand Somos+ aims to contribute to the socio-professional inclusion of people in situations of vulnerability of our community and to enhance the financial sustainability of Organization's humanitarian work, positioning it as dynamic and proactive in solving problems associated with unemployment and poverty. As well as highlighting their effort and dedication to Social Entrepreneurship.


The Red Cross Delegation of Braga is one of the social institutions that has contributed most to the development of Social Entrepreneurship in Portugal. In addition to the Somos + brand, it has developed a number of projects, like a certified kitchen, financed by "Fundação EDP" and "Missão Continente", a car wash box, a social shop called "Ponto Vermelho" and a service "alarm clock at home".


The Brand

The brand Somos+ was created with the maximum connection to the Portuguese Red Cross, being part of the symbol constituted by the Red Cross itself.

The brand communicates a clear message: We are the Portuguese Red Cross for making the products, We are the Portuguese Red Cross for buying the products.

The focus is on the truth of the products and the truth of who makes them. Passing the message of who we are. The signature "Red Cross Portuguese" completes the message creating a national design credible by the Portuguese Red Cross.

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